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Episode 1

It's Nazeel and Maur'tion's first day on the job. Nazeel is an Aarakocra fighter, Maur'tion a Minotaur Cleric. They hail from different parts of the kingdom but were both recruited into the Constable Academy in the Capital city of Treanour. Upon arrival at Constabulary #4 they were quickly onboarded and placed under their new commanding officer - Sergeant Rodrick - an imposing half-orc who stood before the pair with a presence not unlike an old, gnarled oak.

"About time you two showed up," he rumbled.

Nazeel opened his beak but Rodrick started again before he could reply, "You've already been assigned your beat, and I'm afraid you've drawn the short straw." He issued a mirthless chuckle before continuing again, "Sea Street - it's full of lowlifes - you'll see what I mean. You're about to call it home."

The sergeant turned away and walked to a nearby desk. He pulled out and unfurled a map of Arvelles and shoved a meaty finger at a large street in the very center of the map.

"Sea Street," he grunted as he traced his massive finger down the map. "It goes all the way out of the city, but our jurisdiction ends at the city limits." Rodrick brought his finger quickly back up to where it had started.

"Beyond this point is the Wharf. You don't go there." He paused and waited for a moment.

"Do I make myself clear?" he demanded.

"Y-yessir!" Nazeel and Maur'tion stammered in unison.

"Good," Rodrick said as he locked his gaze onto Maur’tion.

"Don't let me hear about you setting hoof,” Rodrick paused as he fixed his stare onto Nazeel, “or talon outside your beat," he said.

"Yessir!" the two said in unison again.

"Now get out there, rookies - dismissed!"

Nazeel and Maur'tion hurried quickly away from Sergeant Rodrick and out into the afternoon light. They walked the short distance to Sea Street and started patrolling.

As the pair walked by a grungy alleyway, they heard a young child scream. They quickly raced down the alleyway as two children ran past them. They turned to see what the children had run from and were faced with three giant, hissing rats that stood menacingly at the end of the alley.

The rats raced after the children, but Nazeel and Maur'tion stood their ground, blocking the giant rats' path. Enraged, the giant rats attacked the rookies.

The fight was short but bloody, and the two new constables came away from their first battle ragged, dirty, and victorious. They slew the rabid rats and though their heroic act would go unnoticed by most, their heroism was sealed into the minds of the children who watched from afar in safety, for never before had they seen constables do good for them.

“Whoa!” one of the children exclaimed, “I’ve never seen constables in action before!”

“I’ve never seen em do anything to help anyone, that’s for sure,” replied the other. The two walked away, chattering about the constables who’d saved them.

Nazeel and Maur'tion, unable to hear the children’s praise, wiped the blood off their uniforms and walked back to Constabulary #4 for a good night's rest.


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