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Feel free to read these short horror stories I wrote recently!

Hi, I'm Kyle and I've been writing for games professionally since 2012.

I'm currently Narrative Director at New Avalon where I'm working on a game set in space featuring giant robots and a diverse ensemble cast. We're developing a prototype in UE5, and I'm in the process of developing the world, plot, and characters.

I've worked for Hi-Rez Studios as their Senior Writer on Rogue Company where I assisted with worldbuilding and writing polished narrative backstories for the game's colorful cast of characters, as well as Narrative Lead at Akupara Games, where I worked on a huge variety of different projects, from work-for hire games to the development of internal IP.

I've been developing an experimental narrative game in Unity for a number of years now as well, doing all design, writing, development, etc. It's been one of the most gratifying endeavors I've undertaken and throughout it, I've uncovered a great deal about achieving union between game design and narrative and also gotten pretty good at C#.

I won the Indie Prize Best Story Award for my work on Whispering Willows, and the game also won First Place at the Seattle Indie Game Competition in 2014.

I received my B.S. in Computer Animation and Game Development with Minors in Game Design and Creative Writing from CSU, Chico in 2011, and I specialize in marrying mechanics with narrative in story-based games.

It's my life's goal to advance video games as a storytelling medium, and I'm deeply passionate about both games and storytelling in general.

I love playing video games, watching movies and TV, and reading. I'm vegan and a lover of psychology, philosophy, mythology, music, and animals.

My other hobbies include blacksmithing, fermenting just about anything I can, hiking, camping, snowboarding, and playing classical guitar.

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