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Nest Flight (2024)

Built in Unreal Engine 

Horror Puzzle Game

You awaken in a dangerous, mysterious place, and you must find a way out - or else...


Little Glitch (2020)

Built in Unity

Story-Based Platformer

A solo project where the player takes on the role of a Little Glitch who appears in a Tetris game and must survive the fury of the man playing Tetris when he discovers you. Features an AI that I hand-coded to play Tetris, made to simulate the appearance of a human player.

Shepherd's Paws (2024)

Built in Unity

Cozy Sheepherding Simulator

Take on the role of a dog in a sheepherding competition, using your skills to move sheep from one pen to another in record time. Student project.


Simple Shooter (2024)

Built in Unreal Engine

Simple Shooter

A Simple Shooter game built in Unreal Engine with AI enemies.


Outcast (2016)

Built in Unity

Text Adventure Prototype

You once had it all - position, power, and a place in society. But now you've been exiled. What will you do to survive in the desolate wastelands beyond the comfort of the city's walls?

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