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Added Two-Handed Weapon Fighting to my game, which I'm calling Tamahagane.

July 1, 2024

As I worked through the Udemy course building the souls-like project, I started coming up with an idea for a game, which I'm calling Tamahagane. It combines my love for blacksmithing, history, different cultures, and hand-made goods. I plan to continue working on this project as a means of continuing to improve my skills and knowledge in development with Unreal Engine and C++.

To achieve this, I created a new Enum Header called WeaponTypes.h with Enum class WeaponType. I included the header file in my Weapon class's header file and added a UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere) EWeaponType WeaponType variable, which is then set in the individual Blueprint.


I added an additional Animation Montage variable to my Character class.


I created a function on my Character class called GetWeaponType() to check what kind of weapon was being equipped. 


I made my BaseCharacter class check for a WeaponType to figure out which Animation Montage to play, though I could have also achieved this by checking the CharacterState to see if it was equipped with a One- or Two-Handed Weapon.


Completed Unreal Engine 5 C++ Ultimate Game Developer Course on Udemy.

July 1, 2024

After going through 56 total hours of content, I managed to complete the Unreal Engine 5 C++ Ultimate Game Developer Course on Udemy by Stephen Ulibari.


It was quite the undertaking. I learned all about making characters, enemies with AI, animation montages, combat, pickups, visual and sound effects, IK rigs, and more. And it was all integrated primarily in C++, using Blueprints as necessary.


I plan to expand on this project as a way of continuing to improve my development skills in Unreal Engine and C++ and will be posting the additional features I create as I make them.

This is the second Unreal Engine course I've finished, and now I really feel like I can make anything in the engine I'd like to.

This project also introduced me to the creation of large, open worlds. There's a lot more for me to learn when it comes to creating more realistic open worlds, and it's something I plan to dive in on soon.

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