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Project Jaburo

Narrative Director

Developer: New Avalon

Character-heavy Auto-battler set in a futuristic sci-fi universe in which humanity has moved into space. Giant robots are used as machines of labor and war. 

Westward Winds

Narrative Director

Developer: Akupara Games

Story-based action-adventure horror game with puzzle elements set in the modern day in a mysterious rural town. The game features mechanics involving ghosts and time augmentation. I built the world, characters, and plot around those features. I directed the development team to produce a vertical slice in which I implemented all dialogue and in-game text.


Happy Train

Lead Writer & Narrative Designer

Developer: Akupara Games

Narrative horror puzzle game set in an absurdly dark rendition of 1800s America. I worked under the Creative Director to translate his vision to the screen, working closely with the Lead Game Designer to produce compelling narrative content that satisfied complex design briefs.  

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